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Councilmember Ezzy-Ashcraft and Friends of Crown Beach share letters.Letter from Councilmember Ezzy-Ashcraft to residents concerned about Crab Cove proposed developmentRebuttal letter from Friends of Crown Beach to Councilmember Ezzy-Ashcraft.
Target at Alameda Landing is growing by leaps and bounds. See June 5th updates of Target slideshow and track how it is coming along.

2 Major Projects for 2013In 2014, we’re promoting two major, multi-year projects. One project addresses traffic congestion and promotes local shuttles stopping at the business areas located at former railroad stations. The other project, “Safe” does not mean “Risk-free”, presents information about Alameda Point’s “Chemicals of Concern” (“COCs”) in ‘every-day’ language.  Learn more >>
Additionally, our ongoing projects include:

  • populating interactive maps – submit data
  • bringing together neighborhood networks – add your community
  • staying current with city council and planning board decisions that affect the city and Alameda Point.

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